About us

Nordpar.com consists of passionate affiliate marketing specialists and programmers eager to solve the big tech challenges international companies face aiming to scale and make affiliate marketing a viable and long term focused revenue channel.


Our mission is to give international advertisers a better overview managing affiliate marketing at scale. Unlock continuous growth via dashboards and tools to handle daily management at ease by being on top of drops in performance and maximizing best performers. Monitor campaign health and make sure everything is live and working well at all times.


Our vision is to be the go-to company for international advertisers wanting to scale and take affiliate marketing into own hands by unifying collaborations and easily monitor and grow performance via multiple affiliate networks and countries.

The Company

The goal of the company is to develop tools to supplement advertisers invested in affiliate marketing and aiming to grow continuous. Ranging from dashboards, feed management, tracking implementation and custom tasks improving the elements and tools needed to grow affiliate marketing globally.

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