Affiliate Network Tracking Integration Is Tricky

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affiliate network tracking integration

The digital landscape and affiliate network tracking integration is ever changing. Benefit from consulting with an unbiased integration partner that can guide and implement the right solution for you.

Basic Tracking

Each affiliate network has their way of doing tracking and if you need an expert to guide you in your way that has experience with most and also have developers at hand for the more complicated questions, we are here to talk and make you correctly implement your tracking.


The digital industry moving away from 3rd party cookies. Implementing a Server-To-Server tracking setup is currently the most viable solution, but it usually involves the guidance and assistance of developers to implement.

Multiple Product Categories

With large product portfolios or portfolios with big difference in profit margin on products, then it is worth considering implementing multiple product groups, which allows you attribute give variable commission and incentivize affiliates on what to promote.

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Network Deduplication

If you work with more than one affiliate network, it is common to implement deduplication between networks to pay commission only once for a sale. Usually affiliate networks does not assist with this, but we can help out and can develop what works for you!

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Custom Setups

We have experience with most and if you have a challenge we are here to consult with. Let us together find a solution that fits your needs.

Affiliate Network Tracking Methods

Each affiliate network tracking has their take on the right tracking to implement, some are up to date, others still make use of 3rd party tracking which is being phased out and means you will have unreliable tracking that equals unhappy affiliates.

Main types of tracking are 3rd party tracking, 1st party tracking and server-to-server. Each offers advantages and 3rd party is easiest to implement, but least reliable, second comes 1st party tracking which requires a bit of knowledge and then server-to-server which very likely will be the main tracking method in the future.

Server-To-Server affiliate tracking

server to server affiliate tracking

This requires assistance from programmers, but gives you the power and control of tracking. Basically you ask the network to add a parameter to the URL when visitors are sent from affiliates. You pick that up and place a cookie server-side and asks the network for a callback link or API link where you post a sale should that cookie match a sale.

1st party cookie affiliate tracking

1st party cookie affiliate tracking

Affiliate network basic tracking and gives the affiliate network control, but is easiest to implement and maintain. There’s different types, but most commonly visitors are sent to a subfolder or subdomain where the visitor is sent to the affiliate network server to place tracking and then back to the advertiser page. Conversion is sent via a conversion script.

3rd party cookie affiliate tracking

3rd party cookie affiliate tracking

Old school tracking which is now outdated. When the visitor clicks an affiliate link they are sent directly to the affiliate network server and then to the advertiser. The conversion script then sends the sales to the network and commission back to the affiliate.

It is worth noting that these are the most common types of tracking and each network has their unique take on how to do it best, but this at least gives you an understanding of the usual way.

Be familiar with your tracking setup and the ups and downs, because it very much affects the succes of your campaign if not implemented correctly as it can result in you underpaying your affiliates.

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